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What is the 'some' basis? Why can't Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein disclose that? It's okay to make a spectacle out of something which we know was concocted by Umno, and even if there was some basis, it should not be a front-page newspaper report unless it is completely true. 'Some' basis is not good enough here.

If other newspapers were to print any seditious report - regardless of the truth - they would have been hauled up by the government and probably their licence revoked. But in this instance, there is so much discretion used to protect the Umno mouthpiece.

Pemerhati: It is quite obvious by now that Umno has been trying to create religious and racial tension to influence the majority Malays into voting for the BN.

The cow head, pig head, 'Allah' issue, Anwar's sodomy trials and the sex tape were created by Umno for the purpose of winning over Malay support and to turn the Malays against the charismatic opposition leader.

This unbelievable and ridiculous Christian state issue, like the cow-head incident, has almost certainly been manufactured by Umno. The cow-head incident and the subsequent royal treatment of the protestors by Hishammuddin indicated that Umno could be behind that incident.

Umno's strategy is to throw as much mud as possible at the opposition in the hope that some of it will stick and translate into votes for them. They can then remain in power and continue to plunder the country.

James Dean: Hishammuddin, what is this some basis? 10 percent? So 90 percent of the report has no basis? Is this how you justify that the Umno mouthpiece has the right to print such crap?

Cannon: They launched their ship without the keel. How are the Christians going to carry out their alleged conspiracy when they make up less than 10 percent of the population? Never mind, just lie boldly and make the lies outrageous and repeat it often to let it sink into the psyche of the people. Repeat the lie, and soon some will start believing.

This was how Hitler fixed his enemies. It's also a tactic of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his Umno Baru.

Jesus Christ was also falsely accused by his enemies of plotting to overthrow the Roman rulers in Jerusalem and to instal himself as the king of the Jews. It's the devil's old tricks. There is nothing new under the sun as far as human treachery goes.

Samuel Ng: If it was really a meeting to plot with DAP to make Malaysia a Christian nation, would Jeff Ooi and the pastors invite a Malay Muslim man to their meeting. Please lah...

1Rakyat Malaysia: The home minister is talking nonsense again. Other newspapers, he finds fault and suspend them, but for Utusan Malaysia, he lets off with just a slap on the wrist and then he claims he is interested in finding out the truth.

I wonder how long we would need to tolerate and bear with such a bungling minister? Until next general election perhaps? Why does it take so many days to come out with "some basis" for the report?

Meranti Kepong: Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. But a little truth mix with hearsay could be a dangerous thing when taken in the wrong context.
I don't accept Hishammuddin's suggestion that there might be 'some truth' in this matter. No pastor in his right sense would work in cahoots with any political party to undermine the state.

Mengxiang: How stupid can one get to believe the Christians are plotting to replace Islam as the religion of the federation. If you think there is some basis to Utusan's report, why don't you debate the issue with my five-year-old grandchild?

Chong in London: Excuse me, can someone please tell me what a 'Christian state' is and how it works? Give me an example in today's world.
Perhaps this will be the first of its kind in the modern world. That's taking the 'Malaysia Boleh' concept a bit far, don't you think? DAP is good, but not that good.

Karma: Two days ago, two senior Umno leaders from Penang said they did not believe the Utusan report. Then another Umno leader claimed it was a trap.
Utusan published an explanation by blogger Big Dog saying 'perhaps they want make Christianity an official religion'. And finally, Utusan was given a 'punishment' yesterday.

Now Hishammuddin said there is 'some basis' to it. Why did they take so long to reveal this? It sounds like an afterthought.
Utusan should be the one to reveal the basis of its report, not Hishammuddin. This looks very fishy - like the porno tape case allegedly depicting Anwar.

I hope the test of arriving at a 'basis' should not be as low as mere inference from a side coffee table chat or a joke at the dinner attended by the Christian pastors.

Docs: If there is some so-called basis to Utusan's report and 101 police reports have been filed on that issue, how come the police have not rounded up any of those Christians involved? How come this serious allegation by Utusan is only producing a lackadaisical response by the police.

Now that Hishammuddin has spoken that the Utusan's article has some basis, it time for him to whip the police into action and clamp down on the Christian perpetrators. So far, it has been all talk.

Geronimo: Unless there is either an audio or/and video recording of Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi or any of the 10 pastors making such a statement, there is no basis whatsoever.
As a minister in charge of law enforcement, the issue must be based on facts, facts, facts. Anything less is bullshit, especially coming from Umno, PDRM, MACC, Perkasa and Pembela.

Anonymous1234: It is plain common sense - it is unlikely this country can change from a Muslim to Christian country due to position of the sultans, the country's constitution and race composition in the country. Anyone who raises this issue exposes sheer ignorance or has done it for a purpose.

EugeneT: Some basis according to who? Big Dog? Utusan's chief editor? Is this another fabricated story conjured out of thin air to put Utusan in a good light?

Once again, Hishammuddin is pandering to racial and religious mongering by Utusan and extremist groups. Throughout his whole career as home minister, he had failed to lead by example.

It's a shame that he is the son of a highly esteemed ex-PM, who is much more of a principled person than him.

Changeagent: PM Najib Razk, why are the perpetrators like Hishammuddin, Utusan and TV3 allowed to prolong and exploit the 'Christian conspiracy' issue when the victims are advised not to do anything that will increase tension among the community?

Why not put a blanket ban on all - perpetrators and victims alike - until thorough investigations have uncovered the absolute truth?
Otherwise, don't expect Christians to just sit idly by and remain calm when your own Umno mouthpieces are given absolute freedom to incite, provoke and stir up unrest among the people.

Black Mamba: Conspiracies are aplenty in Malaysia. It makes Jefrrey Archer's book, 'A Twist in the Tale' sedate.
BN's rule of the country certainly makes news fodder for predictable Singapore and keeps the world at large amused.

Never-ending tales of bizarre reporting makes for good entertainment, filling the empty stomach with laughter when a no-nonsense government which can work hard to improve our economy would be preferred to feed a growing population of groaning stomachs.

AyerTawar: Even if the Christian pastors pray for blessing that one day one of their brothers/sisters could become the prime minister of the country, is that wrong?

When I ask my son what he would like to be when he grow up, he said, "Prime Minister of Malaysia." He is a Christian and Chinese and it is an impossible dream. But is it wrong to even pray for it?

How will the pastors install a Christian prime minister? By armed struggle? If I were the leaders, I would just laugh it off as fat hopes.

Ferdtan: It is too hard for Utusan and Umno to say 'sorry', and they had to get one unknown guy, allegedly a Muslim DAP member, to lodge a police report to even up the score.

Utusan cannot offer an iota of evidence for its controversial reporting until now.
For those Christian leaders who had a 'tea party' with Najib recently - serves them right. Don't for a minute think that Najib will be taking their interest into consideration.

The conspirators were bidding for time to think of a way out, while the Christian leaders were enjoying their tea.

Paul Surnapa: Isn't a police report supposed to be investigated first by the police to determine whether it is true or not? If I lodge a report that the home minister is stupid, does that automatically make my report true?

Samuel Ng: Hishammuddin, I saw you walking into Hilton Hotel with a woman and entered a room with her. However, I conveniently forgot to say the woman is your lawful wife. Can I say you have committed khalwat since there is some truth to what I say?


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